About Us

Who are we?

We are CompressionAttire. We sell quality compression wear infused with copper. This provides numerous physical and health benefits to you. To learn more about the our products and how they can benefit you, take a look at our homepage.

    Why we sell the items we sell?

    We sell our products to aid arthritic diseases, carpal tunnel and other conditions related to muscles and joints. Our products have been designed to reduce pain in your muscles and joints to help allow you to live a regular life. 

    Our products also enhance your physical performance during workouts, training sessions and other sporting activities. This ensures your body pushes itself to its full potential and gains outstanding results. Our products support your muscles and joints with their tight fit furthermore they heal your injuries thanks to our copper induced materials.

      Where are we located?

      We are located in the United Kingdom, specifically in London but we base our operations in the United States and Canada.

      We can also ship worldwide but at a higher shipping rate.

        How long we have been in business?

        We officially started CompressionAttire in May of 2015. We have sold 10,000's of products since launch which has helped change the lives of many people throughout the world

          How long have we been running our online shop?

          We have been selling on Amazon.com since 2015 and have experience in dealing with orders and providing premium customer service to all our precious customers. We have started selling on our website in 2019.

              Contact information:

              You can contact us via email at sales@compressionattire.com or you can send us a message to our social media platforms (listed below).

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