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How And Why Do Compression Gloves help To Treat Arthritis Symptoms?

Arthritis is known to be one of the leading causes of disabilities all over the world. It is a disease that can attack many parts of your body such as your hands. If you have ever suffered from arthritis in your hands then you would be able to empathize with the pain and stiffness it causes, not to mention the reduced range of motion which can be quite frustrating.

There are various medications and remedies that can be prescribed to a patient suffering from arthritis. One of the ways in which you can manage these symptoms is by using compression gloves, and these are recommended by many doctors as well. However, you still might have your doubts regarding their effectiveness. Before we talk about it any further, it is important that you know what compression gloves or arthritis gloves actually are.

What are compression gloves?

Compression gloves are not essentially arthritis gloves or made specifically to treat arthritis, but because some of their features and characteristics help in managing some of the symptoms, they are also called arthritis gloves.   If you suffer from arthritis in your hands, there are high chances that your doctor would recommend you to wear these gloves to overcome some of the symptoms of arthritis in your hands. You can find the following features in a pair of gloves, either combined or individually.

  • Compression, which helps in alleviating the pain
  • Splints, which tends to provide extra support to the wrist
  • Wrist wraps, which provides additional support
  • Heat, which helps in lessening the pain and stiffness

Now that you know what compression gloves are and their characteristics, let’s learn how these gloves work for treating the symptoms of arthritis.

Heat and compression are two of the main reasons which increase circulation and hence, healing the affected area by easing pain and inflammation. These compression gloves or arthritis gloves, by reducing these symptoms tend to give you more range of motion, more grip strength, and reduces the amount of stiffness in your hands. Hence, the gloves are known to make these therapies comfortable and convenient for the patients. You are recommended to wear these gloves when going to bed in order to wake up with lesser stiffness in your hands, or to wear them during the day to be able to move your hands a bit more easily.

There are various studies and researches that back up these claims. Patients suffering from arthritis have noticed better mobility of their hands after wearing these compression gloves. Moreover, they felt their grip strength getting better, and saw a reduction in inflammation as well. Compression gloves or arthritis gloves should not be seen as a cure-all remedy for the patients, but they sure make things easier for the patients and help them go through their day much more smoothly. Hence, a majority of the doctors tend to recommend these gloves to their patients for making their road to recovery faster.

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