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Does a Wrist Sleeve Help with Arthritis?

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Our wrist is a complicated hinge joint, which consists of 15 bones between the forearm and hand. When there is swelling or tenderness anywhere in the wrist, it’s called wrist arthritis, which can cause acute pain.

Wrist arthritis is prevalent among old age people. Wrist injuries, wrist instability, and the premature sign of rheumatoid arthritis are the most common causes of wrist arthritis. You can relieve your pain by wearing compression wrist sleeves or braces infused with copper for arthritis.

Symptoms of Wrist Arthritis:

The most frequent symptom of wrist arthritis is a wrist pain. The pain generally gets worse when performing any task that involves movement of the wrist, such as turning a door handle, playing tennis, or opening a jar.

Some people experience pain when the wrist is touched or lose their ability to move the wrist. As a result, pain and loss of motion can lead to weakness in the wrist. Other signs and symptoms include swelling, or clicking, cracking, or grinding sounds on movement.

Treatment for Wrist Arthritis:

For some patients, the pain usually goes away when avoiding certain painful activities. In other cases, the pain gets much worse and causes severe complications. It is, therefore, crucial to see a physician if you experience pain and other symptoms in the wrist.

Using arthritis compression wrist sleeves, supports, or braces infused with copper can protect the wrist, restrict too much wrist movements, and help relieve symptoms.

How do Wrist Sleeves and Braces help with Arthritis?

Braces and wrist sleeves work by giving joint support when in use and letting it rest when sitting or taking a nap. They can also help in the case of contracture – the shortening of the tendons, tissues, and muscles, resulting in rigidity and deformity of joints.

Wearing wrist sleeves or braces infused with copper when resting can help maintain the joints in a neutral position. They can also reduce pain and help improve grip strength for people with arthritis.

When to Use Wrist Sleeve and Braces?

It is something you should discuss with your rheumatologist. In general, it depends on the strength of your joint. You may think of having your wrist independent without braces or sleeves and use your own strength. But this can possibly injure your joints further. So, it’s better to see a doctor when you experience pain and other symptoms in the wrist.

Getting the Right Fit

If your pain is a bit manageable, you can choose one-size-fits-all braces and wrist sleeves. If you need specially fitted ones, look for specialists who design and make medical supportive devices and measures and fits patients.

The Bottom Line

Although wrist sleeves, support, and braces can help with arthritis, you don't always have to use them to rest your joints. Make sure you rest your affected joint in a neutral position for 15 to 30 minutes.

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